Industrial Services

electronic recycling

Sims Metal Management is able to supply a range of industrial services associated with the collection and supply of scrap metals and associated recyclables. These services include such activities as on site scrap management at major production or mining facilities or value added supply services.

Sims Pacific Metals is engaged in a contract service operation (Mill Services) with Pacific Steel works located in Auckland. The service operation involves loading “baskets” with nominated grades of processed recyclable ferrous materials as feedstock for the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) melt shop billet production.

Sims Pacific Metals supplies all the plant, equipment and personnel necessary to manage all aspects of the operation. These aspects include:

  • The receipt of the recyclable materials, from both internal and external sources
  • Quality inspection
  • Appropriate Stockpiling
  • Basket loading (blending)
  • Weigh-out checking
  • Inventory control

PNG Recycling collects all scrap metal, batteries and tyres at the Ok Tedi Mine. Services provided to Ok Tedi include collection and where necessary on site processing of scrap metal, shredding of tyres, and removal of batteries for recycling.

Throughout both Australia and New Zealand, Sims Metal Management provides services to railways networks for the uplift of disused tracks and siding, recovery of rails, perway and sleepers.

Sims Metal Management is also able to provide certified destruction of your obsolete or unwanted equipment. Examples of items recycled under these conditions include number plates, confiscated weapons, confiscated cars, military equipment and faulty automotive parts.