Total recycling of electronic material

circuit board recovery

Sims E-Recycling is the Australian e-waste division of Sims Recycling Solutions, the world’s leading electronics recycling organisation.

As part of Sims Metal Management, a world leader in recycling services, Sims E-Recycling offers true “end-of-life” recycling services guaranteeing you secure and environmentally friendly disposition of your electronic equipment. In addition, we are uniquely positioned to offer real environmental solutions by recycling in house the commodities released from E-Waste.

Our unique ability to recycle leaded glass, a known environmental hazard, from computer monitors and televisions is second to none, and delivers a total glass recovery rate in excess of 99%. We specialise in the total recycling of redundant computer equipment, TVs, mobile phones and all other electronic material often referred to under the collective heading – “E-Waste”.

Sims E-Recycling is a joint venture with Veolia Environmental Service, who, as a minority partner, assists in the provision of logistical services. We offer our clients a superior service to collect, dismantle and recycle all E-Waste at our dedicated facilities throughout Australia.

In addition, the global scope of Sims Metal Management’s operations provides unparalleled access to international markets in the secondary materials industry, providing clients with the highest possible returns and efficiencies.

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